Sunday, 26 December 2010

for us book lovers -an exhibition.......
Our next exhibition theme (2011) is crop.

Please start thinking about the theme... As ever you can interpret it in any way that you like.

Crop will be slightly different to our other exhibitions.
We are taking some time out to make plans for 2012.
Our plan for crop is that it will be an exhibition where all the selected entries will be on-line and a cropped selection will appear in cases at The University of Northampton in the reception area and Executive corridor outside the main exhibition space.

Initially we are asking for 3 photos of your bookwork we will then make a selection from these for the on-line and cropped exhibition.

Email submission date – for completed submission forms and photos:
June 1st 2011 (UK and worldwide)

Email photos to:

Initial photo requirements:
3 photos in total as tifs or jpgs at medium resolution (180dpi).
(If selected we will then require a high res image at 300dpi so please make sure you have that available.)
The photos will need to be either:
a) if your work is like a book = 1 of cover, 1 of a spread and 1 of a close-up (cropped bit) or
b) if your work is like an object/sculpture = 1 of front, 1 of another view and 1 of a close-up (cropped bit)

As usual we are looking for work that is innovative, creative and very well crafted.
These are our selection criteria and we stick to them closely. The curators decision is final
and we will not exhibit work that is deemed by us to be offensive. Our exhibitions are open to the public including children.

We will only consider work that is appropriate to the theme and accompanied by the completed submission form.
Work must be under A3 in size and under 1kg (if it is selected and needs to be returned to you).

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