Monday, 8 November 2010

Sara Fanelli - Group Visual Analysis

Group Visual Analysis - 2nd Nov

Visual/Formal qualities


Dominant red, vibrant and complimentary

Big contrast between light & dark tones – full spectrum of tonal ranges

Basic & bold, intense rich colour palette


Flat 2D forms – use of geometric shapes

Shapes build up human-like features


Scratchy, harsh lines, unusual angles

Scribbles and curves juxtaposed with straight lines

Both hard and blurred edges

Indication of movement/direction through arrows and lines


Painted on wood? Spray painted using stencil?

Ready made, found background? Spray painted down a dark street?

Print? On metal?

Digital? Hand drawn?


Lots of visual texture – gritty and edgy, scratchy and rough


Repetitive triangular shapes

Visual rhythm from alternating middle section



Focal point

Eyes emphasized by their detail in contrast to the rest of the image

Head, eyes in bold, dark beak/nose

White face highlighted through tonal contrast to the rest of the image

Direction of shapes and lines from left to right


Unusual perspectives

Blurry edges suggest movement/energy

Suggestion of motion – winged shape

The whirlwind tummy

Expressive qualities/Content & meaning

What is the subject matter?

Birdman, reminiscent of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Does it have a visual style?

Reminiscent of Dada imagery – uneasy, unusual angles

What do you think it represents/symbolizes?

Text at the bottom: ‘voler, volare!’ (French then Italian for ‘to fly’)

The reds are not warm an welcoming – more ‘keep away’ & ‘danger’

What do you think the illustrator was trying to communicate?

Sense of freedom? Or sense of dread?

What is your gut reaction to it? What feelings does it provoke?

Intense & violent, dark and sinister - not a positive vibe.

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