Monday, 8 November 2010

Mr Bingo - Group Visual Analysis

Text to be posted! Just add what you can to the headings below:

Visual qualities/Formal elements


mono print in black on yellow paper; contrast light & dark; intense; primary colour & black.

Contrasting, strong colours.

yellow and black!



2D shapes

fairly simple


Sillouette; strong vertical images with right angle text; unbroken edge.


images of human arms same size as guns to create mirror image/reflection


Typography looks like it is cut out of paper; the images of the arms & guns look like from photos but simplified - has an overall lino-cut look


Hands & guns look realistic like shadow/photogram


strong grid structure; upper & lower images laid out to look like reflection

either side of text


symmetical; uniform visual syle; contrast soft shapes of hands with mechanical shapes of guns

Focal point

Use of same visual style overall allows viewer to concentrate on 'reading' message

from top hands & arms raised - text explains - examples of guns


simple 'handmade' look, simplified sillouettes make pattern


strong suggestion of upward/downward motion

suggestion of space - crowd of children with arms raised

table with collection of guns laid out

Expressive qualities/Content & meaning

What is the subject matter?

Political/ humanist/protest/ campaign to protect children being used in armed conflict

Does it have a visual style?

handmade lettering- punk style

lino-cut/block print - textile printing

sillouettes - puppet theatre

What do you think it represents/symbolizes?


What do you think the illustrator was trying to communicate?

strong message to protect vulnerable children

What is your gut reaction to it?

simple; powerful & clever play on words

What feelings does it provoke?

shock that this situation exists; fear of the number of different kinds of guns that exist

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