Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bookbinding - a world awaits.....


B/W drawings throughout text & 17 monochrome plates inc. 2 fold-out in colour.

G. Guido Giannini. Publisher Ulrico Hoepli, Editore Libraio Della Real Casa, Milano. First edition. 1908. 204 pages + 64 pages other Hoepli books. Cover is Vellum with 2 ribbons threaded around, with black & red lettering. Marbled end-papers. Approx. 11x15x2cms. Text in Italian.

Book Condition: Fair for age. The cover is undamaged but needs cleaning, the front edges wrap around, and the ribbons are broken. Page edges and margins (2cms) tanned. The binding is solid but 3 monochrome plates are detached.

A book for ‘amateur’ bookbinders with some historical background, illustrated instructions & plates of traditional styles – Aldino; Groliere; XVII century; Canevari; Padeloup; Derome; Impero etc.

There are several editions of this book - this one the first. The book block is rather boring but the cover is exceptional - I've never seen vellum before. It had become very grubby & was really easy to clean having an impermeable quality.

An internet bookseller hopes to get £600 for a similar copy - it sold for Oxfam on ebay for £120 to a bookbinder in San Francisco.

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  1. hello, I have this book!
    was my father, is worth gold!
    I'm from Argentina