Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Simone Lia

Image from : BOTH By Tom Gauld and Simone Lia
The picture appears to be set in a warm space, quite a homely vibe is given off; the mans shoes are off, theres a cup of tea or coffee on the floor and a magazine opened and over turned carelessly on the floor, this shows he is relaxed and cosy, probably settling down for the evening.
the atmosphere of the image is very realistic but once you begin to read the text its becomes unrealistic (rabbits cant talk) the rabbit comes across as a child to the man because of the way he hugs it, and shows they have a natural bond which makes this quite an unnatural piece of work.
Beyond the unnatural/ unrealistic values its a very positive picture, there are no colours to show much bad feeling, the smooth running, bold outline gives a happy appearance to the artwork.
although visually the facial expressions are a small part of the image, when reading it they play a major roll. because of the lack of colour i relied mostly on the facial expressions and the text to tell the storey.


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